A Taxonomy of Furniture
/ UT Design Program

A book created from scratch for my senior thesis. See the preface below, which best explains this project.

Cool Austin
/ UT Design Program

A driving tour of Austin's mid-century modern buildings and homes. This design was featured in “Cool Austin”, an exhibition held by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Austin.

Linguistic Futurology
/ UT Design Program

Create a word that implies a possible future meaning or process. A story con­tex­tual­ized the final word (below), while an image visualized the idea (above). The word I created was “anthropoguise.” Because of the nature of my future word, I cre­ated a hybrid typeface futakra to accompany it.

Design in Conversation
/ UT Design Program

The Design '09 senior exhibition presented at the Creative Research Lab (CRL). This exhibition showcased the best work done by seventeen graduating seniors, including myself, while in the design program at the University of Texas at Austin.

/ Super!Alright!

Various web sites created for Super!Alright! and their clients.